What Are the Best Foods for Beautiful Skin?



Did you know that clear and beautiful skin can be as simple as feeding your face? There are a number of healthy foods that are packed with vitamins and minerals that rejuvenate, replenish, and hydrate our skin. Check out 10 of the best foods for your skin so you can head to the store and stock up!

Artichokes probably aren’t your favorite food, but it’s hard to deny the benefits they provide for your skin. The rich supply of peptides and antioxidants from artichokes can make you look younger and makes the skin more luminous. Many skin creams and hair care products contain artichoke extract due to its anti-aging effects. If you’re having trouble downing this healthy veggie, try soaking it in lemon juice for an hour before cooking.

grapesRed Grapes

Red grapes are an easy and tasty way to improve your skin. This vine-ripened plant contains large amounts of antioxidants and other chemicals that have been used to treat skin conditions, such as psoriasis and eczema. They’re also a natural antihistamine, which means that eating them will reduce the effects of allergic reactions. Remember to always wash your grapes before eating!



Strawberries have loads of vitamin C in them, which helps make skin firm and protects skin cells from free radicals from the sun and other environmental sources. They also contain high levels of anthocyanins, which are present in red, purple, and blue plants, and serve to protect the skin from UVA rays.



Ugly bird = beautiful skin? That’s right! Not only is chicken a lean protein, it’s also great for your skin because it has high levels of selenium. Like vitamin C, selenium helps the skin keep its firmness and elasticity, and it also has antioxidants that protect skin from sun damage.


Bell Peppers

Like strawberries, red, green, and yellow bell peppers are great sources of vitamin C. You should make the effort to get plenty of vitamin C in your diet in order to replenish your skin with those protective and skin-firming cells. Hello, fajita night!



Beta-carotene is an antioxidant that converts to vitamin A in the body. It also helps to grow and repair body tissues, including skin cells. Apricots are a sweet and tasty source of this regenerative antioxidant, as well as vitamin C and linoleic acid, which repair damaged or sensitive skin.



Carrots are also a great source of beta-carotene, which may also help protect your skin from sun damage, in addition to repairing the cells. Make sure you eat beta-carotene foods in moderate amounts, though. Eating that entire bag of baby carrots won’t speed up the skin-rejuvenation process any faster, so have a few and put them away.



Foods rich in vitamin E are great protection foods for your skin because they fortify cell membranes and help combat those harmful UV rays. Nuts and seeds are an excellent and protein-packed source of vitamin E, and they’re easy to carry with you anywhere.



You’ve probably already heard the hype about the health benefits of Omega-3 fatty acids and that most seafood is chock full of them. But did you know that omega-3s are also great for your skin? Omega-3s fortify your cell membranes so that they can keep toxins out of the body and hold water and nutrients in, and they’ve also shown to protect the skin from sun damage.



Soybeans are also rich in Omega-3 fatty acids, which have been show to reduce inflammation throughout the entire body — and that can mean fewer acne breakouts. For this reason alone, soybeans and fish should be a staple on every high school cafeteria menu.


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14 Easy Ways to Get Insanely Motivated

These simple strategies can keep you energized both on and off the job.


Here’s a column that I guarantee will make you more more successful in both your professional and personal lives.

Here are 14 quick strategies to get and keep yourself motivated:

1. Condition your mind. Train yourself to think positive thoughts while avoiding negative thoughts.

2. Condition your body. It takes physical energy to take action.  Get your food and exercise budget in place and follow it like a business plan.

3. Avoid negative people. They drain your energy and waste your time, so hanging with them is like shooting yourself in the foot.

4. Seek out the similarly motivated. Their positive energy will rub off on you and you can imitate their success strategies.

5. Have goals–but remain flexible. No plan should be cast in concrete, lest it become more important than achieving the goal.

6. Act with a higher purpose.  Any activity or action that doesn’t serve your higher goal is wasted effort–and should be avoided.

7. Take responsibility for your own results. If you blame (or credit) luck, fate or divine intervention, you’ll always have an excuse.

8. Stretch past your limits on a daily basis. Walking the old, familiar paths is how you grow old. Stretching makes you grow and evolve.

9. Don’t wait for perfection; do it now! Perfectionists are the losers in the game of life.  Strive for excellence rather than the unachievable.

10. Celebrate your failures. Your most important lessons in life will come from what you don’t achieve. Take time to understand where you fell short.

11. Don’t take success too seriously. Success can breed tomorrow’s failure if you use it as an excuse to become complacent.

12. Avoid weak goals.  Goals are the soul of achievement, so never begin them with “I’ll try …”  Always start with “I will” or “I must.”

13. Treat inaction as the only real failure.  If you don’t take action, you fail by default and can’t even learn from the experience.

14. Think before you speak.  Keep silent rather than express something that doesn’t serve your purpose.


Ocean Defender- Hawaii

Photographer Anna Henly was on a boat in Svalbard — an archipelago midway between mainland Norway and the North Pole — when she saw this polar bear at around four in the morning. It was October, and the bear was walking on broken-up ice floes, seemingly tentatively, not quite sure where to trust its weight. She used her fisheye lens to make the enormous animal appear diminutive and create an impression of “the top predator on top of the planet, with its ice world breaking up”. The symbolism, of course, is that polar bears rely almost entirely on the marine sea ice environment for their survival, and year by year, increasing temperatures are reducing the amount of ice cover and the amount of time available for the bears to hunt marine mammals. Scientists maintain that the melting of the ice will soon become a major problem for humans as well as polar bears, not just because of rising sea levels but also because increasing sea temperatures are affecting the weather, sea currents and fish stocks.

Anna Henly/Veolia Environnement Wildlife Photographer of the Year 2012

Shared from Milky way scientists