Like a Paradise! Cavo Tagoo Hotel Mykonos, GR!



Ingeniously engineered into the cliff-side, Cavo Tagoo is a multi-pooled paradise of a boutique hotel, minutes from Mykonos Town in the Aegean Islands. Spacious and contemporary, this luxury getaway offers five-star spa pampering, peaceful privacy and Jacuzzis for all.

Our favourite rooms

All rooms have Jacuzzis and all but 11 have four-poster beds, but you’d be missing a trick not to plump for a private plunge pool overlooking the sea. The Classic and Deluxe Rooms all offer sizeable spaces to splash in, but the sweet Golden Villas with their cliff-top verandahs provide an irresistible trio of space, pool and view.

Packing tips

Liza Bruce bikinis for poolside poseurs; the glammest of glad-rags for dressy evening antics.


The hotel has its own Apriati boutique, stocked with colourful, quirky and very stylish jewellery – expect to take at least one delicate metal, leather and gem-studded necklace home with you (

Food and drink at Cavo Tagoo

  • Hotel restaurant Bright, white and minimalist, the Tagoo restaurant is set around the main infinity pool and serves up a zesty combination of Greek-Mediterranean fusion and enticing sushi from an open kitchen.
  • Dress code Designer casual – the Mykonos standard.
  • Top table Make sure you’re poolside and facing the right way – turning your back on that ocean view would border on blasphemy.
  • Last orders The party starts late in Mykonos town, so the last sashimi is rolled at 1am. The bar follows suit, although guests have been known to enjoy a few ‘tequila sunrises’ in the summer months…
  • Hotel bar Sharing space with the restaurant, Tagoo bar’s drinks are served on a 13-foot aquarium, and thirsty guests have the option of lounging poolside or sinking into the puffy Paolo Navone sofas in the lobby.



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