19 Foods That Fashion Has Totally Ruined

1) Chocolate

Has melted chocolate ever looked as unappetizing as when it’s coating a naked woman’s entire head.

2)The Cheeseburger 

At least this is a clever way to shove eight beef patties into one burger.


As if the meat dress and matching shoes weren’t enough, Gaga had to go and wear this Tarzan costume made entirely of beef for the cover of Vogue Hommes Japan.


No matter how attractive any man is, he should NOT wear ravioli boxer briefs.


DIY any stiletto!!!

Except, don’t.

6)Pasta in Tomato Sauce


7) Or, Italian food, generally! 

Fashion editors have a real thing for making food from this part of the world look disgusting.

8)Obscure Mushrooms 

Well, these probably wouldn’t look THAT delicious not in dress form, but looking at this does make me want to eat them a little bit less.

9) Popcorn

Why do I get the feeling that Chanel serves the driest, lowest sodium popcorn ever? The only bags they need to be making are quilted ones.

10) Wedding Cake

I hope she didn’t go commando.

11) Pate

Definitely not a “hair down” look.

12) Bread 

Has anything gotten more… stale than wearable food?

13) Bread Pudding 

Judging by the “price” on this magazine being “1 lb of cheese” we can safely assume it’s a photoshopped fake. But also an utterly genius commentary on the fashion world’s obsession with serving comfort food at parties (which, yes, is a real obsession — Anna Wintour loves to serve chicken pot pie and stuff like that to party guests).

14) Fro Yo 

If you are next to Katy Perry right now MAKE HER COVER HER EYES AND KEEP SCROLLING!

15) Salad Greens 

Never needed to become thong underwear.



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