Lüks de sınır yok! / There is no limit to luxury!

The other day I read somewhere luxury in no longer what money can buy, but the experience we can get.Though, to experience -Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Fendi, Hermes, Chanel- you definitely have to have it. Very exclusive, it is a label which makes every dream come true.

Fiat presents the 500C by Gucci, customized version of the 500C conceived after the success of 500 by Gucci, already strong in 3000 orders. The 500C can be ordered by Gucci since the month of August at a price of 20,000 euros and is available with white paint, combined with satin chrome accents and glossy black, with shiny chrome. The hood is in any case in black with the classic Gucci logo length Machines, but absent on the side. Identical to the sedan also 16 “wheels with spokes design with body-colored Gucci logo at the center.

It’s about time for appliance and electronics makers to start keeping a small staff of artists on hand — because there are just too many fantastic products being created by artsy types that will never see the light of day. Case in point: this fantastic custom waffle maker that leaves your breakfast imprinted with the famous Louis Vuitton pattern.looks classy!!

Louis Vuitton sponge.

Pinky pinky..I wanna get one, immediately! 

Awesome, expensive and rare gucci phones..

Like in fashion,  Fendi Casa breaths luxury and ostentation. To seat on a Fendi sofa or lay on a Fendi bed is like wearing a pair of stilettos: very stylish and extremely powerful.

Fendi Lightings are kinda pretty awesome!! wanna get all these lightings in my bedroom.. hehe 🙂

Hermes!  Their velvets, silks and skins are to die for. Rich as they have to be.

Modern, cosy and very stylish, isnt it?

You’ve gotta love all these obnoxious  accessories! XO


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